Guru Gita
Guru Gita. 3/214 Oh Lord, we, blind with delusion And infected with sensual cravings Right us with light of knowledge Bless us Oh beloved Gurudeva. Thus Shri Skandothara khanda Uma-Maheswara samvada Shri Guru Gita third chapter. In Conclusion the sage pray his beloved Gurudeva, "Oh Lord, we are blind with delusion and also infected with sensual cravings. Rectify us with thy blessings and lead us to thy light of knowledge. Gurugita is a good introduction to the spiritual path. It is the dialogue between Uma and Maheswara known as Lord Shiva and consort Parvathi. Shiva is answering the queries of Parvathi about Guru concept. Very few texts are there which can be used as a guide to an aspiring yogi to select a guru. The does and don'ts near a guru are discussed in detail in this book. It says that the one who preach hatred or evil is surely a fraud guru. It is warned that the aspirant if takes a worthless guru, his life is spoiled and fraught with hell. The Satguru brings the best out of you, like Vivekananda and Paramhans Yogananda their gurus brought up them to be known than themselves.  Oh Beloved Gurus we offer ourselves in thy feet. Bless us with thy knowledge and bliss eternal. Jai Guru. Please be kind enough to give a feedback and suggestions by message. Thank you. Saktheedharan. 
Category: Thought
Date: 2019-11-11 13:46:29